Well we thought we made enough chips but no……

So we thought we should lighten the bells some more because they were heavy…..yeah….No…. just a little too wide yet. But the rearend fits and is mocked up with some Oak left from my Lil Sisters Church pews. Frank hole sawed them and sanded them to 3.950″ as this is the size we ended up dia. wise on the Bells. Charlie will now take the Oak pieces and make them out of Aluminum and steel. Flange to Flange will be 35 1/2″. Marty/Rocky/Charlie helped out a lot Saturday morning to get us to this point. It is nice to see the drivetrain all in line. We ended up putting the engine back to the stock tip towards the right 16 Deg so we don’t have to fuss with the oil pan ūüôā

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Quick Change in but many chips made to fit…….

After several hours of making chips in the milling machine and lathe, it does fit. ¬†Now we have to make the real mounts, but it looks like it will work. ¬†We had to take 2″ of each Bell and we will fabricate Clamshell brackets so we can adjust pinion angle. ¬†The distance between the Coupler on the rearend and the transmission output shaft is all we have (approx 1″), even with all of the drive stuff and water pump off of the front of the OM606 engine. ¬†This means for sure an electric water pump and no belt drive on the front. ¬†If we want an alternator, we’ll have to drive it off of something else. ¬†Maybe a pulley on the Coupler…??

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Leprechaun’s delivered parts…


Shipments came from DieselpumpUK (thanks Luke & Rebecca) and Dieselmeken AB (thanks Goran & Eric).  We now have the pump, header, and turbo.  We need to decide if the engine will need to be tipped or straight up.  This may require some modification of exhaust.  Rearend should be here this week.  We will post pictures when it is mocked up.

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Introducing….”Junkyard 300″

We are going to attempt something that we believe no one else has ever done. ¬†We are going to take a Junkyard engine (without changing anything from the valve cover to the pan and only bolt on pieces), and will attempt go over 300 mph with the Streamliner. Thus ¬†the project we have named as the “Junkyard 300” is born. ¬†(This will be right up Pedigo’s alley :))

“Junkyard 300” is only possible due to several people helping us get this project up and running:

Mike Schmidt at Schmidt’s New London Auto Salvage. ¬†Junkyard 300 all started with a trip to visit Mike and to talk about Diesel Cores. ¬†I left with two engines and a smile on my face.¬†http://www.schmidtnewlondon.com/

Göran Lindgren at Dieselmeken in Sweden.  After conversing with Steve Menendez on LandRacing.com, he highly recommended that I contact a Diesel Pump expert in Sweden named Göran .  After doing a little research and watching several youtube clips, we were SOLD on the 7.5 and 8 mm additive to just put in our tank and go like hell LOL.  If you want a good laugh, check out some of his clips.  He is hilarious.  Reality is, he is the best in the business and we will be running his pumps and injectors (and maybe a little additive). http://www.dieselmeken.se/

Luke Dale at Diesel Pump UK in United Kingdom.  Luke has done extensive work and testing of the exhaust side of the engine.  His complete turbo kit is on its way from England.  Hopefully we will have it bolted on the engine with a mocked up intake at the World of Wheels in a few weeks.  https://www.dieselpumpuk.com/

Look out Bonneville here comes the Junkyard 300…





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Calling all Gearheads….can you help??

World of Wheels is just a few shorts weeks away with several things left to do.¬† There is always too much to do and not enough time at the Shop.¬† So, I’m hoping to attract some volunteer help.¬†¬†¬†¬† Anyone that can help out with any of the tasks listed below, please let me know.
Prior to World of Wheels:
Prep truck (put new brakes on)
Empty trailer
Find Valve Cover, starter, and intake manifold for OM 606
Make solid works model of engine mid-plate, then machine mid-plate
Modify¬†Scattershield to 5″ depth
Build front engine mounts
Install mock-up engine and trans in car
Additionally, I would need some with the World of Wheels Show where we will actively be looking for sponsors.  If you can help the weekend of the WOW Show (Feb 23-26 at State Fair in Milwaukee), below is a link for a sign-up sheet that we are we trying out.  Please sign up for any help you can offer as well or call me.
There is quite the list of things that I will need to have done to be able to go racing.¬† We will do the best we can and when everything is done, that’s when we go racing.¬† If anyone wants to see the list of things that need to be done and can help, please¬†email me:
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