Mercedes OM606 Fits!

img_4390Mercedes turbo diesel, Mustang Bell Housing, and G-Force Trans…..just for mock up.  Looks like it will fit.  It will need custom intake and custom exhaust.  Rear-end TBD.   Let the fun begin.

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Plans for Land speed racing 2017

img_4309Thanks to Mike at Schmidt’s New London Auto Salvage who donated the cores for a G and F diesel engines – an 06’VW BRM 2L TDI and a OM606 3L.   This hopefully will be the start of our Diesel records.  We will be going after the E/F/G/H diesel records at El Mirage and Bonneville in 2017.

Since large amounts of cash took our F records, the Z car are also under way for the GT records.  We will attempt to take them back for a fraction of what was spent by the big guys….Stay tuned for updates.  Brian and Dave are hard at work on these gas engines.

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1st pass in Georges car at Elmo

1st timed pass for me at Elmo with the Mayors car…..Pretty cool deal. Now we have an “A” license good at Bonneville and El Mirage. Next get everything ready for the July meet!

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George Callaway and crew set me up with my first run at El Mirage

georges roadster

No Better crew to learn from! George Callaway has been around racing longer than I’ve been on the planet, Monte has been a part of many Land speed records…. and you have Pete, the fastest guy at Elmo on my right. How much better can it get? This is after a couple runs up and down the lake bed just getting a feel for the car. Thanks Gentlemen it was awesome!

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F/GT record runs Loring Air Force Base April 2015

We set 2 more records with our F/GT 240Z at Loring Timing Associaton April 25-26 2015.

1 mile record is 158.660 and 1.5 mile record now stands at 168.275….. Next stop El Mirage Thanks Frank and Brandon for all the help! The liner also was there and made a pass but shifting issues held the speed down. This should be fixed for El Mirage and Bonneville.

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