Bonneville pit set up

What our set-up at Speedweek looked like. We brought the Streamliner for tech and the new E/GT car for tech for the roll cage. The Miller Weld tent was very, very popular…..we estimate 40-50 cars and motorcycles were welded on or parts. Ranging from fenders on cars and motorcycles, numerous water tanks, additional roll cage bars to meet rules, weight boxes, exhaust systems (stainless and mild steel), push bars, water pump impeller, and a piston……Burt Munro looking down smiling…  Burton, Dave Kasper (Waupaca), Ross Roloff (Wausau) and Rick Kasper (Milwaukee) worked constant….at one time there were 4 cars waiting in line to have something fixed. I had not used the new welders until we arrived but I can sayboth the Mig and Tig welders worked flawlessly but the Diversion 180 was my favorite welder. We didn’t have the correct plug for the 220 V on the  generator so we had it running on 110 and were able to weld 1/4″ thick aluminum……pretty amazing. We made the mistake of not having people sign a board to keep track of what we helped with. I think we helped 10-15 either get into impound or after impound and then set records….pit set up

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