Mercedes OM606 Fits!

img_4390Mercedes turbo diesel, Mustang Bell Housing, and G-Force Trans…..just for mock up.  Looks like it will fit.  It will need custom intake and custom exhaust.  Rear-end TBD.   Let the fun begin.

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3 Responses to Mercedes OM606 Fits!

  1. Thomas Hastings says:

    Excellent!…I knew you wanted to put a diesel in the car sometime; but had no idea it would come so soon. Are those intake devices.the round structures down the center of the head? Thanks for keeping in touch, Tom Hastings, Lenexa, KS 66220


  2. Intake will be custom as I don’t think the stock one will fit. The intake would be the holes on the left side looking at it from behind. The holes in the center of the valve cover are actually the injectors. This engine was designed by Mercedes very well as a lot of the newer 4 valve headed engines use this layout.

  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for reaching out. I thought I had your number, but tried to text you and it bounced back. I’ll send you an email and hopefully we can connect. Burton

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