Calling all Gearheads….can you help??

World of Wheels is just a few shorts weeks away with several things left to do.  There is always too much to do and not enough time at the Shop.  So, I’m hoping to attract some volunteer help.     Anyone that can help out with any of the tasks listed below, please let me know.
Prior to World of Wheels:
Prep truck (put new brakes on)
Empty trailer
Find Valve Cover, starter, and intake manifold for OM 606
Make solid works model of engine mid-plate, then machine mid-plate
Modify Scattershield to 5″ depth
Build front engine mounts
Install mock-up engine and trans in car
Additionally, I would need some with the World of Wheels Show where we will actively be looking for sponsors.  If you can help the weekend of the WOW Show (Feb 23-26 at State Fair in Milwaukee), below is a link for a sign-up sheet that we are we trying out.  Please sign up for any help you can offer as well or call me.
There is quite the list of things that I will need to have done to be able to go racing.  We will do the best we can and when everything is done, that’s when we go racing.  If anyone wants to see the list of things that need to be done and can help, please email me:
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1 Response to Calling all Gearheads….can you help??

  1. Lou says:

    Good Morning! I organize an employee car show at the Kohler Co. in Kohler WI. We call it the Kohler Associate Motorsports Show “KAMS” and this is our 11th year. I love land speed racing and was looking for some Wisconsin teams to join us this year. This years date is Sunday May 21st at the Kohler Engine Plant parking lot. I would love to see you guys down here so if you have any questions please call me at 920-698-2127. Thank you for your consideration…..Lou

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