Introducing….”Junkyard 300″

We are going to attempt something that we believe no one else has ever done.  We are going to take a Junkyard engine (without changing anything from the valve cover to the pan and only bolt on pieces), and will attempt go over 300 mph with the Streamliner. Thus  the project we have named as the “Junkyard 300” is born.  (This will be right up Pedigo’s alley :))

“Junkyard 300” is only possible due to several people helping us get this project up and running:

Mike Schmidt at Schmidt’s New London Auto Salvage.  Junkyard 300 all started with a trip to visit Mike and to talk about Diesel Cores.  I left with two engines and a smile on my face.

Göran Lindgren at Dieselmeken in Sweden.  After conversing with Steve Menendez on, he highly recommended that I contact a Diesel Pump expert in Sweden named Göran .  After doing a little research and watching several youtube clips, we were SOLD on the 7.5 and 8 mm additive to just put in our tank and go like hell LOL.  If you want a good laugh, check out some of his clips.  He is hilarious.  Reality is, he is the best in the business and we will be running his pumps and injectors (and maybe a little additive).

Look out Bonneville here comes the Junkyard 300…






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