Header and intake almost Done!

Aaron Saltsman from VL Performance in Appleton has spent a few nights on the liner past the midnight hour building the header/header support/intercooler mounts, and intake mods. The result is a very nicely packaged system that should do what we need it to do. Philip Walker (Vl Performance as well) was out Scanning whats left for Woody at Design Dreams to figure out the what I am calling the “Nacascoop”.  Thats what I have pictured in my head but it may not be what Woody likes……So for now that’s where we are….Phil is also working on the Data acquisition stuff. We will have 17 channels…..we have them filled up already


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2 Responses to Header and intake almost Done!

  1. Karl says:

    Are you dropping the compression to lower peak cylinder pressure?

  2. Compression will remain stock as we intend to use the stock pistons and rings.

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