Mr. Al Teague hanging out with us…..

I had requested that Sid put a post on land racing looking for some spare land racing tires a couple months ago. Because he worked with Al Teague for many years Todd responded to his ad and he got us in touch with each other. IT’s quite nice having contacts in this community….Al was coming out to Speedweek anyway as there is a German company doing a documentary on Al so he brought some new Firestones along (NOS) and we will be fitting those on the liner. It is quite the honor getting to just chat with AL let alone being able to get advice from him as well. On the other hand Sid put many hours into the car and mentoring our guys and without him being there we probably wouldn’t have gotten a Red Hat as we had a few technical issues that Sid was quick to react on and fix at the line. Both guys are class acts and extremely knowledgeable. Got some valuable advice and training from both this week. Thank you Guys!


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1 Response to Mr. Al Teague hanging out with us…..

  1. David Goff says:

    I’m looking for a friend I have not seen in many years, Bob Theiler, who worked on Mr. Teague’s cars in the early 90’s. Any help would be appreciated.

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