About Us

Victory Motorsports in its youth.

Victory Motorsports was founded 20+ years ago when Burton Brown starting out drag racing and figure-eight racing as a hobby. As the years progressed it has turned into a business and a passion for winning.

An early win.

Currently headquartered in Dale Wisconsin, we operate out of a 6000 sq/ft shop that houses our cars and transporting equipment. We invest regularly in the newest technologies (of course staying within the spirit of the rules).

“Big Al” taking care of the header and intake installation

Sheet Metal Brake, Bead Roller, Welding (Mig & Tig) with Miller Welders, Milling Machines, Lathe, Hoist, Tire Machine, Balancers, Set-up plate and Scales are just some of the equipment Victory Motorsports owns to make it all happen.

Running a race team is a full time job. 90% of success starts in the shop and this is where the preparation will pay off on the track. One of the things we pride ourselves in the most is the look of our cars and equipment. Of course it doesn’t make them really go faster but our team image reflects on our sponsors too. We work together to present an image we all will have pride in. We have won the best appearing car numerous times in the years we have been racing.

We’ve had quite a bit of success over the years winning races, championships and most recently land speed records. We have no intention of slowing down. In fact, if you look at our goals for this year, you’ll find just the opposite! Racing is in our blood, and it has been for decades.

It’s kind of a family tradition.

Pedigo at the wheel.

We love racing, but racing isn’t everything. Sometimes it feels good to give back to the community that supports you at the track. Over the past several years we have attended events like the “Touch a Truck” program in Neenah, WI put on by the Parks And Recreation department for area kids. Some 300–400+ kids get bussed in to the event where they can learn about all of the different vehicles on display. The line of kids waiting to sit in our cars always amazes us.

The kids line up every year for the Touch a Truck Program

This is just one of the many events where we can promote sponsors beyond the race track. We are dedicated to going the distance to ensure our sponsors see the benefits of our sponsorship program. If you’re interested in finding out what Victory Motorsports can do to help promote your company at events like these, just check out the Sponsorship page and let us know!