We hope to accomplish a lot this year.

Diesel and Alternative Fuel Records 1.5-2-3-4.2 Liter engines
Some of our goals are unique in land speed racing like using a “junkyard engine” to try and go 300MPH and alternative fuels (Bio-diesel) to set “unofficial” records (because there are no classes for it yet…) with fuel we make from used vegetable oil, we hope to set world landspeed records that are recognized by the major sanctioning bodies (FIA, SCTA, etc.) This interest in the environment and alternative fuels stems from owner/founder Douglas “Burton” Brown’s other business, where he works with corn and cellulose as feedstocks for Non-wovens at Biax-Fiberfilm.

Naturally Aspirated Gas Records
Currently we are working on 2, 3 and 4.2L engines for both the Streamliner at GT cars.

Anyone interested in more information on sponsoring these attempts please contact

Land Speed Events
• Enter races at ECTA, Bonneville, El Mirage
• Set record at El Mirage in F/GT, E/GT and F/DS
• Set Bonneville record in E/GT at over 200mph, F/DS at over 300mph
• Set E/GT record at ECTA