Tarps For Sale

We are re-purposing billboards for ground tarps to help Save the Salt at Bonneville (or you can use them for general tarps as well).

Below are some pics of some select ones. We will post more pics in the coming days. We can deliver them to ECTA or Bonneville at Speedweek or WOS.

12X12 to 14X48 to 25X25 and more. Economy tarps from $25 each to real heavy duty ones from $150-$250 each.

Drop us an e-mail if interested in reserving one!

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Bud Light Platinum 12X24motorola phone 255motorola phone 254motorola phone 252motorola phone 253motorola phone 251 Busch Lite 14X24motorola phone 253Clay Matthews 12X30 Crown Royal MapleCoors 14X48Dog Food 12X24 Coors Light football 14X48Fila Shoes 14X48Jeff Gordon Quaker state 14X48 Coke 12X24 Michelob Golden 14X48Miller Lite Brewers 14X48Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey 14X48Taco Johns 14X48 VW beetle side 2 14X48 VW beetle side 1 14X48Saab 14X30White BacksideBlue Backside 12X24White BacksideGrey backside 12X24