Getting Closer….



Aaron is proving once again his Fabrication Talent. One more pipe to go and then onto Water and fuel plumbing…..

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Drive train is complete ! YES!

After some months of prep work (design), figuring, measuring, cutting, refitting, cutting again this is where the drivetrain is at. We have parts from Winters, Wilwood, Strange Engineering, Other land Speed racers, Racing Junk, E-bay, Victory motorsports inventory, England, Various Machine shops and most importantly Schmidt’s New London Auto Salvage! I think we have a pretty bullet proof drivetrain. final drive can go to 1.2-1 ratio. So at 5000RPM that equals 312MPH. Lots of minds have been involved in the drivetrain, Charlie, Marty, Burton, handled this pretty well together I might add. Lots of brainstorming all along too thanks to everyone that put the effort into this. Oh yeah Bob did a great job with the Powder coating too! This will all be covered up tonight with the intercooler, tank, header and piping so I will post that tmrw night!

The Starter, clutch release, and Trans Shifting have all been tested and work as desired too. Final hubs are being machined right now as they needed to be custom machined out of Billet. Studs and wheel nuts are coming from ARP. Caliper brackets are also custom as well. Why would we think we could do it any other way and have it fit the car? And the “Quick change” rearend is quick…..after you remove the parachute tube….


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Super Secret Turbo !

With the super secret nature of Land Speed racing I can’t tell you what this turbo is….all you can do is guess…..I’m pretty sure though Woody said if we get a good enough push from the Suburban after 35-40 MPH it should make enough boost to self propel it into the record books…..Shouldn’t the little fan thingy point backwards though? Might take lots o stagger to keep it going straight like this 🙂


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Header and intake almost Done!

Aaron Saltsman from VL Performance in Appleton has spent a few nights on the liner past the midnight hour building the header/header support/intercooler mounts, and intake mods. The result is a very nicely packaged system that should do what we need it to do. Philip Walker (Vl Performance as well) was out Scanning whats left for Woody at Design Dreams to figure out the what I am calling the “Nacascoop”.  Thats what I have pictured in my head but it may not be what Woody likes……So for now that’s where we are….Phil is also working on the Data acquisition stuff. We will have 17 channels…..we have them filled up already


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Liberty Shorten output

We needed another 3/4″ room so we ended up cutting that off the output shaft on the Liberty. Charlie and I decided to put the whole thing in the lathe and cut it off plus we got to test the shifting of it…..Pretty neat 2 for one deal….The extra 3/4″ allows us to run the alternator off the front stock lower pulley. Pics a little dark I took it after the lights were off in shop…..Liberty shorten shaft and test shift

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