New Header under way!

IMG952017 (3)

Aaron and Phil from VL performance have been working hard on lots of stuff on the liner and here is the first shots of the Header and Turbo arrangement. It looks Great! All Stainless. The Turbo would not fit on the side of the liner so we positioned the Turbo in the best spot to get the Air into the inlet. Then we are building the header to it. The intercooler and the custom intake manifold are close as well. Woody at DesignDreams is Dreamin up how to get the Air into the top of the liner as well we should have some stuff happening on that soon.

IMG952017 (4)

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Liberty Transmission/G-force Transmission

The Original intent was to have two 5 speed transmissions ready for Bonneville; a Liberty and a G-Force.  In March, we had talked to G-force about adding an air shifter.  I thought we had it figured out that the cost would be about $2k and three weeks timeframe to have it done.  Marty and I talked about making our own air shifter, but in the time frame we wanted it and the Liners history of bad luck with the drive train, we opted to have G-force do it.  This way we could be working on other stuff.  We thrashed to send it out on the first of April so that we would have it back by the end of April.  Got a call last Friday and that price went from $2k to $5k because of poor communication.  G-force trans is now out for an option and the Liberty will be the main choice for getting us to the 300MPH goal with the Diesel engines.  I have a lot more to share so next week.  I’ll post more pictures this week.   It’s coming along pretty nicely and should make B-ville for the August Race.  Still lots to do so if anyone has some time to volunteer.  There is a large list……even for the support equipment (motorhome, trailer, tools, Golf Cart, mini bikes etc, etc, etc..)Liberty

Liberty Trans in and ready to go. Marty and I changed the input shaft last weekend. Then we just needed to shorten the tail shaft by 1″ to . Charlie threw the whole trans up in the lathe and made it happen! Good Job Chuck! We also used the lathe for a test shift bench and it worked Great!





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Strings aren’t just for guitars

Charlie and I came up with using the chassis for its own alignment rack. We built 4 plates to bolt to hubs then adjustable string holders to get the 4 wheels in exact alignment. Quite nice to be able to be sure front is going the same direction as rear….IMG_5086

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Old School alignment rack




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Well we thought we made enough chips but no……

So we thought we should lighten the bells some more because they were heavy…..yeah….No…. just a little too wide yet. But the rearend fits and is mocked up with some Oak left from my Lil Sisters Church pews. Frank hole sawed them and sanded them to 3.950″ as this is the size we ended up dia. wise on the Bells. Charlie will now take the Oak pieces and make them out of Aluminum and steel. Flange to Flange will be 35 1/2″. Marty/Rocky/Charlie helped out a lot Saturday morning to get us to this point. It is nice to see the drivetrain all in line. We ended up putting the engine back to the stock tip towards the right 16 Deg so we don’t have to fuss with the oil pan 🙂

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