Datsun F/GT records (8 current)


F/GT current record holder 172.974 mph (Set Sept. 16-17, 2010)

ECTA  Wilmington Ohio

F/GT current record 158.6183 mph (Set Sept. 9, 2013)

ECTA Maxton

F/GT current record 154.388 mph (Set June, 2010)

F/GMS current record 155.273 mph (Set June, 2010)

F/BGMS current record 155.126 mph (Set June, 2010)

F/FMS current record 155.631 mph (Set June, 2010)

Loring Timing Association

F/GT 1 Mile current record 158.660 (Set 4/26/2015)

F/GT 1.5 Mile current record 168.275 (Set 4/26/2015)

Streamliner Records (2 current)

ECTA G/GS current record 168.6025 (Set 9/28/ 2014)

LTA G/GS current 1.5 mile record 163.161 (Set 4/25/2015)


2002 Wisconsin Challenge Series Columbus 151 Spring Fling winner

2001 Golden Sands Super Late Model Track Champion

3 Responses to Records

  1. Tom Scotton says:

    What is happening with the TVI engine that John Stowe built? Will you be running this again at Bonneville Salt flats?

  2. That engine was on loan from John Stowe with the intent that we’d only it have it for short time. 2014/2015 didn’t allow us to run due conditions. Now it is in a Lakester owned by John Goodman. Watch and see how John does with it…it is a good engine. I will be running Diesel engines this year.

  3. Tom Scotton says:

    Thanks very much for the reply and update!

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