Become a Sponsor

Why sponsor auto racing?
Sponsoring auto racing, regardless of the racing category, builds sales and profits through association and subsequent sales promotions, advertising, and PR activities for any product; not just those associated with automobiles. Boost sales, increase product visibility and promote your product to the most “brand loyal” fans around.

“As a marketing vehicle, auto racing is a proven winner. Racing is regarded as an exciting, glamorous, unique and effective marketing tool. Auto racing is the number one and fastest growing spectator sport in the United States with over 80 million fans attending events each year.”


One of the most inexpensive ways to increase brand loyalty and recall is to sponsor a race team. The car/hauler and team uniform offer the sponsor an opportunity for many brand impressions. Every time the race car is seen by the fan at the track or discussed in the media, the sponsor receives advertising value. Just look at our schedules and imagine the tens of thousands of spectators every season, ready to cheer on your brand team. When Victory Motorsports broke a landspeed record, the blogosphere exploded with articles about the record run with an accompanying photo.


Victory Motorsports accomplishes much of what it does with the help of sponsors like you. In turn, we provide a unique marketing asset for your businesses. With Victory Motorsports, it’s more than just slapping your decal on our car … we are your marketing partner.

What can a sponsor receive?
Instead of sponsorship packages, we have sponsorship opportunities. Get in touch with us to discuss what kinds of options you would like to utilize in your marketing plan. Here are just some of the options we offer:

• From decals to complete paint schemes in your brand colors on cars and/or hauler

• Team in complete uniforms to match sponsors colors/schemes

• Cars available at promotional events, trade shows, conferences, grand openings, etc.

• Driver available with or without car for promotional events

• VIP pit passes with hospitality tent at any race event for customer/employee appreciation or contest you may run

• Rides given in ride-along car for customer/employee appreciation at circle track events

• Promotional items distributed at all events

• Your brand colors/logos, blog posts and links to your website on


As you can see, there are many ways we can work together. We’re willing to discuss any new ideas you may have too! By sponsoring Victory Motorsports, you will be working with a truly professional racing team, both on and off the track.

Get in touch with us at to tailor a plan to your marketing needs. Download and share this summary PDF for more details.